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Outdoor World

Custom embroidery & design services for clubs, companies, associations, and teams.

Why do leading organizations depend on Maysala for quality custom embroidery needs?


Because they love the service, prices, quality and love that we put into each product.  Our team of embroidery experts goes the extra mile to ensure your embroidered apparel looks amazing!

The struggle is real. In today’s business world, the only way to stand out is through a strong brand. Elevate your professional style by branding yourself or your team through custom embroidery.

Maysala offers custom embroidery to help you and your team look polished and professional while they represent your company at work or in the field!


Maysala can embroider your custom shirts, hats, polos, hoodies, bags and more. Embroidering a garment requires that the artwork be “digitized” to translate a map of the stitches for the embroidery machine.

This digitization is a one-time fee that will be incurred on your initial order.
Our embroidery pricing is based on the stitch count per 1,200 stitches not colors like screen printing.

We have 16 color capability!
We are happy to provide pricing and answer any questions you may have, send us a quote request.


  • A more formal and finished look

  • Popular on hats, polos and bags

  • Extreme durability

Offering everything from basic embroidery to complex designs, we can put your company or team logo on hats, uniforms, staff shirts, and more. We offer in-house design of your embroidery, and quality is our priority! We will take your design, create a quality embroidery file, and provide a sample for you to proof before we start your job. Turnaround time is generally 10 - 14 business days.


Embroidery FAQs

How much does an embroidered logo cost?
It depends on the stitches of the logo and the size of your order. Email us your artwork and size of order for a free quote.

Do you have any minimum quantity per order?
We ask that you provide at least twelve pieces. Please contact us if you have less than that. Keep in mind you can mix and match goods.

What does it mean to “digitize” a logo?
Digitizing is the process of taking the customer’s artwork and converting the design into stitches that are stored in a computer file (.dst) which the embroidery machine can read. Think of this as a map for the stitches so the machine knows where to place the needles and in which colors.

How much does the digitizing cost?
This is a process that requires specific software, experts and time. Digitizing a regular logois $65. If your logo exceeds 15k stitches the cost to digitize will increase. However, the digitizing is a one-time charge; once we digitize your logo, you can do as many orders you want without paying this setup fee again. If you need an edit to an existing DST: size, add a word, etc - you will be charge $25.

What do you need to digitize my logo?
We can digitize your logo using any digital image of it. You can send us the artwork of your logo in any computerized format such as JPG, PDF, EPS, AI. Or bring in a sample and we can send out an image to be digitized!

What if my logo is already digitized?
If you already have your logo digitized you can email it to us and avoid the setup fee. However, your logo must be in a DST format.

Can you modify the original design of my logo?
We can modify the original size and colors of your logo. We can also include extra lettering lines to your logo. However, if you need to modify another part of the design, we may re-digitize your logo. In this case, there will be an extra fee of $25 to $65 for the changes.

Do you provide samples?
Yes, we do. When creating a new DST file you can request a sew out or see a digital copy. We want to ensure you are happy with the product before we produce anything.

How long does it take to have my order ready?
Our turnaround is 10 business days. However, we are flexible with rush orders. If you have a specific deadline let us know before so we can schedule your order the best we can.

Can I mix sizes and colors?
Yes, you can. We welcome all apparel in your order! Keep in mind however that not all colors can be embroidered with the same thread colors. Thread changes cost $15 if needed. Also keep in mind branding placement if you are mixing apparel. Some brands will add their logo to the sleeve, left chest, right chest, etc.

Will you embroider items sent to you?
Yes we do. However, the price of the logo varies depending on the artwork and the size of your order.

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